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Learn Offroad Training Grounds

Located around 120 kms from Mumbai, off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway is our Training Grounds spread over 65 acres of private land and span over two mountain tops with tracks running all along the mountains and seasonal streams making the track challenging & picturesque during the monsoon season. 

The training tracks are curated keeping in mind that it is a training property and not a offroad park. Thus, the tracks have various grades of difficulty for training the complete newbie to the most experienced pro who has come for specialised training. The tracks are suited for stock vehicles as well as highly modified rigs and offer challenges to both classes of vehicles.

These obstacles are designed to teach you the nuances of offroading, to make you understand how a vehicle behaves on different types of terrains and inclines and how to understand what lines to take so that you can get out without being stuck. 

The design is such that you are forced to think, identify and adapt to a situation and to make you analyse your correct path before you execute the approach to tackle the obstacle.

For those folks opting for multi day courses or for those who want to attend the night offroad events but do not want to camp out in the wild have an option to stay at Bespoke Container Homes around 3kms away from the property.

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