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Dr. Tejas Kothari

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Yes, you read it correctly, Dr Tejas Kothari.​
I am a Periodontist by profession but a off-roader by heart! Ever since I bought my first 4x4 vehicle, a Maruti Gypsy King, in 1998, I have been hooked!
Over they years I have been fortunate to have been taught the ropes by many people and have made it a mission to self educate myself in the art and science of offroading.

This eventually lead to me going to Germany in 2013 to an actual ex-tank testing ground to get myself certified by the International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers' Association (I4WDTA). Days of gruelling practical and written exams, overseen by eagled eyed examiners whose backgrounds ranged from ex special forces to I'd tell you but have to kill you kinds!

Nevertheless, I passed with flying colours and became to the only Asian to be awarded this certification. Also completed by ITLS certification concurrently.

In 2019, I also became the India representative for the IMDT (International Military Deployment Training) and it's been an unforgettable experience working with the armed forces and similar groups and have trained Indian Commandos on various driving techniques.

Over the years, I've coached many people and teams for offroad and competitions, conducted events as a partner in the Offroad Junkie brand, been jury member for Car of The Year awards, etc. I've also been a longtime member of the United Four Wheel Drive Association, as well as a strategic partner of Tread Lightly!
It's been a great journey and finally in the year 2020 I opened up my own Offroad School in Pali (Raigad, MH) bang during the Covid19 Pandemic!
It's been a great journey so far and looking forward to many more miles ahead.


Dr. Tejas Kothari

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