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  • Can anyone go and offroad at your training grounds?
    No. The training grounds are solely for training and are not recreational offroad grounds where anyone can enter and offroad. From time to time we do open up for open track days but that is a ticketed event with prior intimation and supervision.
  • What is the Skills Certificate option?
    When we train people from industry, they need to give a written and practical exam as well as per their training needs. Recreational offroaders are only given a participation certificate. Due to demand from folks who want to test themselves we introduced the certificate to everyone as an optional exam. The Skill certificate exam happens at the end of your course and consists of a written and theory exam. The syllabus is from what was taught to you and you need to score 80% in practicals and 70% in theory exams to earn this certificate. It's easy as long as you follow common sense and safety protocols. Having said that, not everyone one passes!
  • Can 2WD SUVs perform on your property?
    At the current state, the 2WD cars can only go on the main trail and that too in the dry season only. We are looking at possibly adding a 2WD track in the future.
  • Do you offer vehicle insurance for offroad?
    No. Currently we do not offer any kind of vehicle or personal insurance and the course is entirely at your own risk. You need to sign an indemnity and release form before the course.
  • Can we avail a 4x4 vehicle from you?
    Yes, we currently have a Mahindra Thar CRDE that you can avail for training at an additional cost. However, we still prefer that you learn on your own vehicle and the one that you would be offroading with. Every vehicle has different dimensions and angles and different driving styles. You need to get used to driving with your own type of vehicle to understand it's nuances.
  • Can i bring a friend along for the on-field training days?
    Yes, you may bring along someone else for the field day, but your friend would have to pay for the field training class. However, your friend would not be eligible for taking examinations.
  • What are the vehicle criteria for training / open track days?
    Your vehicle must have a working 4WD and must be road worthy with adequate life left in the tyres. Seat belts must be working and be there for all passengers. For vehicles without a B pillar, a minimum roll over bar must be present. For the wet season, minimum AT or MT tyres required. NO HT tyres.
  • Mobile / Internet Connectivity
    Mobile and 4G connectivity is patchy at best and avaialble usually only on the main back bone trail. Reliance Jio works the best followed by Vodafore and Airtel.
  • What are the course timings?
    Each course starts at 9:30 am and goes on till 4-5pm.
  • What kind of food is served?
    During the courses we usually have a working lunch. Either we carry packed lunch or go to a nearby dhaba for food. Tea/coffee is on the trail.
  • What are the restroom facilities at the ground?
    There are no restrooms at the property. However, there is access to clean restrooms 3kms before the property and we advice you to visit that before you head up towards the ground.
  • What are online courses?
    Every now and then we select one single topic of offroading and conduct an indepth zoom session on it with 15-20 participants which ends with a Kahoot quiz. Pdf participation certificates are handed out after the session.
  • What is the frequency of the online courses?
    These courses may happen once a month or twice a month depending on the requests we get.
  • What are the topics covered?
    Till date we have done courses on: 1. Understanding 4WD systems 2. Step-by-Step Guide to Basic Offroad Upgrades for your vehicle 3. Essential Offroad Recovery Gear 4. Pre Offroad Vehicle Prep and Inspection 5. Tyre Tread Talk 6. Spotting Roles and Rules 7. Seating and Steering and Driver Fatigue 8. Airing Down Tyres 9. Electronic 4x4 Aids 10. Introduction to Offroading 11. Winching techniques
  • Who is the faculty?
    Most of the courses are conducted by Dr. Tejas Kothari. We have had international guest speakers like Robert Pepper and Stephen Haughey in the past as well.
  • Are these courses available offline?
    No. These are live courses and as of now we have no plans for offline recordings to be viewed since it's the interactions that make it worthwhile.
  • What are the accommodation options nearby?
    There are 6 fantastic container homes around 3kms from the training grounds and these are charged at Rs. 1500 per person on a twin share and include basic breakfast only.
  • Interiors
    The air conditioned containers have a hot water kettle, a double queen bed, attached loo with running hot water. A sit out on the terrace is also there. All containers are non smoking. Slow speed Wifi available in the rooms. Mobile connection is sketchy.
  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?
    We do not offer any refunds for the simple reason that our courses have limited number of entries. If you cancel, another potential participant looses out on the slot and we loose out on revenue. You may transfer to another person after taking express written permission from us about the same
  • Where is your privacy policy and terms and conditions
    Please click this link.
  • What do you do with the data that you collect?
    The data that we collect is strictly stored with us and is for our records. We do not share/sell data to any third party.
  • Do you store passwords and login data?
    We do not have access to this information and it is stored by the service provider who using industry standard encryption for the same.
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