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Online Courses

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We have currently suspended the online courses. They will resume shortly. Stay Tuned.

The "Quickly" Series of online courses is targeted at learning modules on offroading that can be taught online without the definitive need for field training. 

In times of social distancing, these courses have proved to be invaluable to participants. These courses teach one niche part of offroading and are purposely kept to 1 to 2 hours in duration and held at night so that they do not interfere with your daily works schedule and nor are they too hectic to follow.

These workshops are reasonably priced and every participant gets an attendance certificate as a pdf after the workshop on successfully completing the online quiz at the end of the session.


Upcoming courses can be view in the upcoming courses tab of this website.


The topics that would be covered separately in each workshop include:


  • Understanding 2wd, AWD & 4WD Systems

  • Tyre Talk and Tyre Selection

  • Water Wading

  • Treadlightly & Environment

  • Shackles, Tow Ropes & Rigging

  • Understanding your vehicle

  • Spotting techniques

  • Tyre pressures and compressors

  • Shovels, Crowbars and Similar

  • Essential Recovery Gear

  • Advanced Recovery Gear Overview

  • Optional Accessories

  • Basic Tool Kits

  • Medical Kits

  • Pre Offroad Checks

  • Post Offroad Checks

  • Preparing Yourself- Offroad Clothing, etc

  • Newer advances in 4x4 recovery gear

  • Night Offroading Tips

  • Basic Upgrades to your stock rig

  • & more...

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